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Kim Yun Shin’s story is quite unique. A committed, inspiring female Korean artist, born in North Korea, a true now in her 80s. She is a pioneering figure in the post-war South Korean art scene, overcoming societal norms to carve out a space for herself as a first-generation woman sculptor. Her journey from turbulent beginnings during the Japanese colonial period and Korean War to becoming a trailblazer in Korean contemporary art reflects the artist’s personal resilience and commitment to artistic innovation. Still, till recently, Kim Yun Shin was hardly known in the international art scene, and not represented internationally. This turned dramatically over the past 2 years, with representation by Lehmann Maupin and Kukje Gallery, and solo shows in South Korea in the Park Soo Keun Museum and the Nam-Seoul Museum of Art, as well as in the 60th Venice Biennale. When Lehmann Maupin’s Shasha Tittmann introduced Kim Yun Shin to us, we were immediately inspired by her craft and spirit. We are delighted to welcome an inspiring sculpture from Kim Yun Shin in our collection.

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