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6-4 marks a very special combination of numbers in China and beyond. It is not only representing the date of the Tian’anmen crack-down, but also important in Chinese philosophy and mythology.

When a friend of ours referred us to this sculpture work of Huang Rui we were immediately excited. Its steel and wood express raw energy and the combination of Chinese characters gives pause to reflect on these numbers, the date and its history.

Huang Rui is known as a leader of the Star Group, the first contemporary art movement in China, and his work expresses strong social and cultural challenge. Huang Rui’s work has been widely exhibited, both in China and abroad, over the last three decades, and he is represented in many of the world’s leading collections, including M+ and The Guggenheim Collection.

We are thrilled to have this 2nd work of Huang Rui in The Kotanko Collection.

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