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10 Chancery Lane is one of our favorite galleries and Katie de Tilly is a true sponsor of the art scene in Hong Kong, and a dear friend. The autumn exhibition „Spacious“ brought together intriguing sculptures from a variety of leading Asian artists, among them also Vietnamese Bui Cong Khanh.

In the spirit of our collection’s focus on political and social themes in Asia, and also based on our deep affection for Vietnam and interest in its troubling history, we could not resist to purchase „North and South“, a pairing of two vases, done in traditional techniques and depicting the symbols of the opposing armies in the Vietnam war in an elegant yet disturbing manner. As a side note, these are our first vases in our collection.

Bui Cong Khanh is one of Vietnam’s most intriguing young artists. His work explores historical and contemporary issues in Vietnam. As one of the first local artist to gain international recognition during the 1990s, Khanh embraces painting and sculpture to express his fascination with the complex history of Vietnam.

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