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Art Basel (Basel) is the preeminent global art fair and it was great to experience  the 2022 edition. Art Basel was as strong as usual and never disappoints! It was especially meaningful to share this time with my mother, who is also an art lover and nurtured my passion for art since my childhood, as well as with my friend and art expert John Silvis. After 2 difficult COVID years Art Basel 2022 felt “back to normal” with the crowds of global art aficionados strolling the hallways along galleries from all over the world. Reflecting on my fair visit 3 highlights stand out for me: First, the expansive, powerful works in the “Unlimited” show, most notably Leonardo Drew’s Number 341, which is a wild explosion reminding us of the destructive forces in the world. Second, the variety of woven art works, including a notable tapestry work by Shannon Bool. Third, and foremost, the wonderful spirit of the art community and the energy I get from meeting old friends and making new art friends. In this spirit I would like to especially thank galleries neugerriemschneider, Krinzinger and Lehman Maupin for hosting me.

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